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Charging Coasters

Estimated material cost: $15-50

Suggested selling price: $20 - 75


All Devices are custom designed. All profits "pay it forward". Those who can afford to pay help fund devices for those who cannot afford it. The circle of love is infinite! 

All Group Collage
Sacred Geometry with Tensor
Wi Fi Buster with Tensor Collage
Tree of Life Collage
Geometric Collage
Flower of Life Collage
Ammonite Collage
Sea Shell Collage
Ammonite with Treskelion and Tensor
Triskelion and Shells Collage

Click the images to learn more.

What is a Charging Coaster?


A Charging Coaster is a specialized Orgone Device. An Orgone Device is a 50/50 mix of organic and inorganic materials surrounding an inner quartz crystal and then tightly sealed in a mixture of organic resin. The curing process of the resin allows the crystals to gain a polarized charge. This is known as the "piezoelectric effect". The device then attracts Ambient Deadly Orgone (Negative Etheric Energy / “DOR”) and transmutes it into Positive Orgone Energy (Positive Etheric Energy / “POR”).


Resonating Frequency Technologies has begun creating Charging Coasters in order to expand the benefits of Orgone Devices beyond the limitations of only reducing EMFs from electronics. Although these coasters are absolutely ideal for placing small electronics on, such as cell phones, they are created with the primary intent of positively charging and cleansing your water!


Use this coaster on your living room table or your night stand to cleanse and charge water. Do you live somewhere Fluoride and Chlorine are prevalent in your drinking water supply? This plate will help remove the negative microbes from your water, thus reducing the overall effects of harmful additives. We highly recommend adding Shungite to your water, placing it in the refrigerator, and on top of a charging coaster. You will never look at water the same! It is delicious! 


Please click the image above to learn more about the specifications you will find within a Charging Plate. Go to our customization page and design your own.

The possibilities are endless!

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