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The Vortexes of Sedona

Healing Gaia

Sedona, Arizona, United States. Amazing... Beautiful.... Powerful...

From the peak of Boynton Canyon to the bottom of Montezuma's Well,

across the expanse of the valley surrounding Bell Rock and to the lookout from The Church of the Holy Cross,

Sedona vibrates brilliant energy from every location in and around the infamous Red Rock.

The founders of Resonating Frequency Technologies were honored to explore and feel the energy as they began to understand the history of the Earth within their reach. All of our senses were stroked as we felt the energy, heard the vibrations, smelled the crisp air, and saw evidence of anomolies such as the Nephilum, the Lemurians, and so much more. 

Peak of Boynton Canyon

As we are able to visit these magnificent locations of the Earth, we are able to realize the great task that lies ahead. Healing our Earth is our focus. Experiencing Her, Loving Her, and raising Her vibration will bring peace to all of Humanity. Every journey and each moment of every journey matters and in those moments, we send intent for a Loving Future for Gaia!

Back side of  Boynton Canyon

Base of Bell Rock

Lookout from The Church of the Holy Cross

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