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Mini Buster

Estimated material cost: $150 - 350

Suggested selling price: $200 - 500


All Devices are custom designed. All profits "pay it forward". Those who can afford to pay help fund devices for those who cannot afford it. The circle of love is infinite! 

Mini Buster
Orgonite View
Mini Extender
Clear Quartz Precision

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What is a Mini Buster?


Also known as a Mini-Cloudbuster, this device helps heal an intimate environmental space on an energetic level. With this Device, you will experience a noticable change in your immediate yard and quite possibly your neighbor's yard as well. This Device will help attract healthy weather to your yard, will help dissipate the after effects of Chemtrails near your home, and will aid in growing an extremely productive garden, to name a few things! The idea began with Dr. Reich’s discovery of Orgone Energy. Later, Karl Welz applied this understanding of Orgone Energy and created "Orgonites". Eventually, Don Croft created an Orgone Cloudbuster as his first Orgone Device. These are the pioneers in the development of the Cloudbuster.


Resonating Frequency Technologies has taken the idea of a large Cloudbuster and developed a way to pack a powerful punch in a smaller package! It is more affordable and more maneuverable, but it is no less amazing!


One awesome advantage with the Mini-Cloudbuster is the ability of diverse uses - YOU CAN USE THIS GUY INSIDE YOUR HOUSE, TOO! The Mini will change DOR into POR and it has enough power to encompass your entire home!



Please click the images above to learn about our creation of the Mini Buster.

The possibilities are endless!

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