Jarrod Harrington

Our Founder

Born in Phoenix, Arizona 1977

Alchemist, Philosopher, and Electrician


Having experienced his intuitive abilities since his earliest childhood memory, Jarrod has always been in touch with his Oversoul (Higher Self) and open to a vibrational realm often excluded from the experience of others in this life. With this awareness at a young age the journey has been difficult at times, but Jarrod has grown to appreciate this 3D experience. Through struggles and awakenings, he has found balance. The traditional classroom setting was never an atmosphere that appealed to him or ever proved any great success in his life. He was a learner of the Universe, and the ultimate day-dreamer, because he knew he had already felt and experienced truths so large they could never be condensed into a book or a room.


After graduating high school, Jarrod surrendered to a calling in the field of electricity. He was drawn to this field, although it would be more than a decade later before he realized how truly important this decision would be in helping align his life with his true purpose. Over the course of his 18 years in the electrical field, he spent his home hours tinkering with concepts involving electrical principals discovered and taught by phenomenal scientists, such as Nikola Tesla. Eventually, he started to realize the connection between his intuitive abilities and his electrical expertise. By the time he entered his 30s, he began consuming himself in research. He learned the key to true understanding was to find balance between your greatest inner knowing and allowing an open mind to give credibility to thoughts much of the world would quickly label as insanity. Some information resonated strongly with him while with other information, he would read, ingest, and confidently throw away from his path. The more he studied and the more he trusted himself, the more he was able to distinguish what his truth of his reality had become.


His life took him on a physical journey through Arizona, Illinois, Alaska, and Florida. All locations in his journey were important, but his year in Alaska proved to be a pivotal year changing his life forever. This year, although only a second of time in the spectrum of Universal reality, was when he made the decision to stop listening to what the world taught him to do. He heard his intuition, louder than ever before, and decided to begin a life making choices to allow true happiness in this experience. Now, 9 years after Alaska, Jarrod is living. He balances a life of determination to fulfil his true purpose, while being a father and step-father to 6 beautiful children!


On the “Learning Resources” page, we will post links to many of the books and authors who have been instrumental in Jarrod’s life experience and as we grow, we will blog to share his Universal Understandings. He is so excited to begin connecting with you: those who align with his beliefs, those who have more to teach him, and those who are seeking for their truth. His true passion is to share his Energy Devices with others because he knows they will bring harmony and well-being to others. This begins a journey of love.


-Written by Jarrod’s Love and Life Partner, Kelly