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Estimated material cost: $50 -150

Suggested selling price: $80 - 250


All Devices are custom designed. All profits "pay it forward". Those who can afford to pay help fund devices for those who cannot afford it. The circle of love is infinite! 

The Ultimate Healing Tool
First Generation Standard HHG
Substantial Grounding Tool
Illuminating Qualities
The Cleansing Supreme
Pyramid of Love
Mirror View
A Closer Look
Coiling Around
In Honor of Reich
Artistic EMF Protection
Reflection of Protection
2nd Generation Standard HHG

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What is an Orgone Pyramid?


An Orgone Pyrmamid is constructed as a 50/50 mix of organic and inorganic materials surrounding an inner quartz crystal and then tightly sealed in a mixture of organic resin. The curing process of the resin allows the crystals to gain a polarized charge. This is known as the "piezoelectric effect". The device then attracts Ambient Deadly Orgone (Negative Etheric Energy / “DOR”) and transmutes it into Positive Orgone Energy (Positive Etheric Energy / “POR”).


Resonating Frequency Technologies has taken this basic process and adapted individual specifications to each device. By creating many constructs of the Orgone Pyramid, we have enabled our Devices to not only transmute frequency (protecting your body from harmful EMFs), but to also do so much more!


Please click the images above to learn about some of our previous creations.

The possibilities are endless!

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