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Estimated material cost: $350 - 750

Suggested selling price: $500 - 1,500


All Devices are custom designed. All profits "pay it forward". Those who can afford to pay help fund devices for those who cannot afford it. The circle of love is infinite! 

First Generation Cloudbuster
Second Generation Cloudbuster
Dragon Sylph

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What is a Cloudbuster?


A device which helps heal a large environmental space on an energetic level. This Device will help attract healthy weather to your yard, will help dissipate the after effects of Chemtrails, and will aid in growing an extremely productive garden! The idea began with Dr. Reich’s discovery of Orgone Energy. Later, Karl Welz applied this understanding of Orgone Energy and created "Orgonites". Eventually, Don Croft created an Orgone Cloudbuster as his first Orgone Device. These are the pioneers in the development of the Cloudbuster.


Resonating Frequency Technologies has applied the scientific findings of all of these great men, combined them with the discoveries of Nikola Tesla, and created a magnificent Cloudbuster. Although we are ever changing, growing, and evolving, our most recent construct included: An approximate 10 x 9.5 inch base; A precise 50/50 mix of Organic and Inorganic materials beginning with Hematite and 6 Lemurian Seeds in the first layer and including Copper, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Selenite, and Shungite in the next layers; Ormius/Monoatomic Gold mixed into the Organic Resin; top layer includes decorative organics and designs such as the Tree of Life; six Aluminum 6 inch pipes each contain a Double Terminated Lemurian Seed and a High Quality Double Terminated Clear Quartz wrapped in a copper coil with a handle reaching through the top so the crystals can be removed and cleansed; the center contains a 4 inch Aluminum Conduit with a SSB Coil wrapped around a large Double Terminated Smoke Quartz to push energy.


Please click the images above to learn about Cloudbusters and environmental concerns.

The possibilities are endless!

Education Video:
Scientific Explanation of
Social Engineering and Chemtrails
Education Gallery:
Photo walk through the creation of our
2nd Generation Cloud Buster
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