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Tower Busters

Estimated material cost: $5 - 10

Suggested selling price: $10 - 15


All Devices are custom designed. All profits "pay it forward". Those who can afford to pay help fund devices for those who cannot afford it. The circle of love is infinite! 

Tower Buster
Tower Busters
Tower Buster
Pocket Buster
Long Pocket Busters
Long Pocket Busters

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What are Tower Busters and Pocket Busters?


Orgone Devices were originally created to bring harmony to Our Earth with a purposeful intention to gift them. They can be gifted to nature, to towers, or to others. In holding true to this passion, Resonating Frequency Technologies has created a line of Energy Devices that have multiple purposes, one of the strongest being... gifting! These items are simple, affordable, and enable the gift of Harmony to become available to anyone and everyone!




Tower Busting is a brilliant collaboration of people all over the world longing to restore health to Our Planet! These small devices will accumulate the DOR emitting from any tower and will convert it into POR. This does NOT effect the function of the tower, however it does work to eliminate the harmful radiating frequencies coming from the tower. By gifting these small devices to a tower near you, YOU have the ability to improve the health of People and of Mother Nature! YOU can make a difference!!


WiFi Busting: In this modern day and age, so many of us have Wifi boxes in the center of our home. Although a meaningful connection to the world (both near and far) is wonderful, the harmful frequency changes it causes in our most intimate living space, is NOT wonderful! By placing this device on top of your Wifi Box, you do not in any way effect the function of the device, however you combat the harmful frequency it is consequently emitting into your home. EVERYTHING IS ENERGY!! By simply placing this device, you make immediate positive changes to health and emotional stability in your home!




Pocket Busters are like pocket crystals... protection on the go! By placing this small Device in your pocket you can literally protect yourself all day long!! Any EMF you encounter from cell phones, towers, or any electronics will be converted to frequencies in harmony with YOUR well-being!


Paper Weights: These small Devices are the perfect size for your home or office desk. Place them near your computer and protect your health as you work.



Please click the images above to learn more about how we create these devices.

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