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Gifting the Heart Chakra

Healing Gaia

On the Summer Solstice of 2016, 4 members of Resonating Frequency's Soul Family traveled from their individual countries to Glastonbury. This is the location of the Earth's Heart Chakra. 3 of these beautiful souls had not yet met in this life's path and the journey turned into an experience of a lifetime. They gifted one of Resonating Frequency's Energy Devices, lovingly named "Amore", to Gaia! A beautiful day and night of uniting friends, meditating the intent of healing into the Earth, and concluding with an all night celebration of dancing and drumming  (with dozens of like minded soul journey friends) in a powerful Vortex Location, The Tor,


The experience resonated through Our beautiful Planet


as 3 more friends, in 3 more locations, paused to meditate and connect to the Vibration of Healing


at the.... exact.... same.... moment....

Jarrod, the Founder of Resonating Frequency Technologies, spent the same moments on a coast of the Americas and facing the location of those gifting "Amore". A moment where Sylphs filled the skies, Souls connected beyond Time and Space, and Our Mother smiled as her children collaborated to heal the Vibration of Our Earth.

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