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Energy Jewelry


$75 to $150

Picture Jasper
Picture Jasper

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What is Energy Jewelry?


Crystals are a beautiful organic component of our gorgeous Earth! Crystals are energy, just like anything and everything else in our existence. However, Crystals hold a special meaning because of their high vibration and proven abilities to heal emotions and physical DIS-ease. They hold innate natural powers. The creators of Resonating Frequency Technologies have long been wearing and enjoying the positive benefits of Crystals. We believe in their power because we have experienced it time and time again.



Please click the images above to learn about some of our previous creations and learn more about how each specific Crystal contributes to harmony in your life.

The possibilities are endless!

Briana Davis


Briana Davis is our local Energy Jewelry Artist! Not only does she make stunning jewelry, but she is the personification of a beautiful soul. Briana has made numerous custom pieces for her friends, family, and community. Acquiring her skill level without any formal training, speaks volumes as to her innate abilities and artistic eye. When planning for a new piece, she does not just choose a pretty stone, she engages with each person and listens to what is needed in their life. Taking the time to choose a stone with metaphysical properties that align with the needs of her customer is what sets Briana apart. “Intention and thought is everything” and for Briana, this process is as natural as taking a breath.


When she is not displaying her talents as a Jewelry Artist, she is spending her time as a Dance Artist. She realized her love for dance 20 years ago and she has rarely removed her dancing shoes since that moment. Her dancing experience includes Ballet, Tap, Lyrical, Jazz, Pointe, and Modern. She became a Student Assistant in 2003 and now she not only works as a full time instructor at a local studio, she has also moved into choreography. Although her resume is extensive and amazing, her most cherished endeavors include a Lyrical Solo guest performance for the LC Swing Band, choreographing a video for Florida Hospital, and the Macy’s Holiday Parade at Universal Studios. She has also been the honored recipient of a scholarship to travel to New York City and take classes at Alvin Alley and Broadway Dance Center.


Spending her time focused on creating art, through dance and jewelry, is what brings happiness to Briana. Her expansive love for humanity, and her natural talents to portray that love, make her a beautiful being. We are thankful to have her join our endeavor as we empower others to bring harmony to their lives.

Resonating Frequency Technologies
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