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In a new world of artificial intelligence, we must protect our Sacred Place. Moving forward in the effort to again fill our planet with harmonic frequencies, Resonating Frequency Technologies is working to provide you with valuable resources to create harmony in your life.


Intention and thought is everything!


Where thought goes... energy flows.


Gain control of your reality through knowledge and creations that will bring you back to the center of Your Being. Create intention to live a healthy and harmonious life. Please explore our education pages and our device pages to see what we can offer to aid in your journey!


We all know we live in a modern world of mental DIS-ease like high anxiety, stress, and depression and also, physical DIS-ease like allergies, cancer, and other illnesses. As so many things seem to present us with challenges bigger than mountains, we know through Science and Spirit, we can begin to heal ourselves from DIS-ease and again find "ease" by focusing on the truth that connects us all...


connects us to Our Earth...


connects us to Spirit...


the truth is




Connect to the natural frequencies of the Earth and you will be connected to mental, physical, and spiritual health!


Resonating Frequency Technologies is excited to empower you with knowledge and to guide you as you realign your energy with the energy of Our Earth through devices that improve frequency - measurably - all around us!



Empowering individuals to create harmonic intention in their lives.

Our Focus

Why did we begin Resonating Frequency Technologies?


  • To create harmonic intent in our own lives

  • To share Scientific and Spiritual information with others

  • To connect with others of like mind, with Seekers

  • To share Creations we know will positively impact not only their owners, but also anyone who comes in contact with them

  • Most importantly, to be part of a Global Movement to realign with frequencies in harmony with Our Earth


How can Energy Devices help your life?


  • Reduce harmful emissions from electronic devices

  • Positively impact the overall energy of home or work

  • Aid in growing an abundant garden

  • Positively charge your nutritional intake

  • Recharge your body after long, stressful days

  • Help rid your yard of predatory animals

  • Reduce air pollutants around your yard

  • Protect your home against unwanted spiritual interactions


Everything is energy.

All energy has frequency.

To make changes... change the frequency!

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