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This page is a work in progress and will continue to be! 

As an ever evolving resource for you,

we will add, delete, and edit as we continue to grow.

Resonating Frequency Technologies has spent years reasearching and searching internally to develop powerful Energy Devices. We are confident our Energy Devices will succesfully serve in creating harmony in your life. However, our intent with this website is to not only make these devices available to others, but also to educate others on the availablity of information to make Energy Devices for yourself. An abundance of information is available to create and make your own Energy Devices and we highly recommend you researching and taking part in this creation for your life.

Even if you do not plan to create your own devices, you can still expand your understanding and continue in your journey to awaken, as you read what other people believe. The more you know... the more you grow!


On this page, you will find what we consider to be great resources for your journey. The books, authors, and websites listed have been instrumental in our personal journeys. Remember... research, reflect, and choose what resonates with you! Our journeys are a beautiful blend of a collaboration with others and indivduality! 

Learning Resources

Knowledge is the key to freedom.

copyright Designs By Humans

**Please know, by our listing the information above as resources we have resonated with, we are not stating the authors of any of the books, websites, or videos are promoting their resonation with our company.

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